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A single application will require more than 500 pages of content created in compliance with the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (410 ILCS 705) and the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Emergency Administrative Rules (8 IAC 1300). These rules must be reviewed, converted to policy, and inserted in the correct exhibits for scoring. If you are looking for a qualified team to assist you in this process, please contact us today. We only accept a limited number of applicants and space is filling up quickly!


Cannabis Business Growth is offering a Transporter Content Package for companies who are interested in an Illinois Cannabis Transporter License. We have done all of the research to craft exhibits for this license and have even vetted suppliers to identify the best vendors to create a legally compliant sustainable business model. 
The application content includes hybrid vehicles (strongly recommended by the state), fleet management software, warehouse management software, recommended insurance coverage, vehicle security, warehouse security, staffing plans, job descriptions, Illinois specific Standard Operating Procedures, and all other items required to complete these exhibits.  
The comprehensive Transportation Content Package includes the following exhibits: 
  1. Exhibit A – Business Plan (50 pages) – 180 Points 
  2. Exhibit B – Suitability of Employee Training Plan (15 pages + Employee Handbook) – 160 Points 
  3. Exhibit C – Security and Recordkeeping (65 pages) – 200 Points 
  4. Exhibit E – Labor and Employment Practices (10 pages) – 20 Points 
  5. Exhibit F – Environmental Plan (10 pages) – 20 Points 
  6. Exhibit I – Diversity Plan (2500 words) – 100 Points 
Exhibits A, B, C, E, F, and I account for 680 (68%) of the allotted points. Combined with Social Equity Status and Illinois Residency Status – applicants can earn a score above 75%, ultimately winning a spot in the Illinois Cannabis Industry with a Transporter License. Contact us today for more information!
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