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New to the cannabis industry? We’ll help you hit the ground running by formulating a personalized business plan that includes financial analysis, regulatory analysis, and real estate recommendations—every- thing you need to build and operate a legally compliant, successful cannabis business.



Depending on where you are in your cannabis business journey and more importantly, where you plan to operate, Cannabis Business Growth recommends starting with a Cannabis Business Plan to help you understand the start up costs and build the framework for your business. 

As part of our business planning process, we will help you define the following:

  • What are some of the legal considerations for your cannabis business? 

  • When will your desired city or state start accepting applications? 

  • Do you need to identify real estate in advance of the process or at a later time? 

  • What are the key roles you will need to fill to be successful? 

  • What vision do you have for your brand and image? 

  • How much will your project cost? What is the capital investment? How much do you need for operational expenses?   

If your desired business location has an upcoming cannabis licensing window, a Cannabis Business Plan is a great place to start. If you are already in the middle of a cannabis licensing window, check out our Cannabis Application Support Services.

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